Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Awesome shows

   Comedy central has always done a great job on making us laugh whether that may be stand up comedy or a more cartoon-like satire. But lately I've started to notice how much this two shows have lighten up my day, i mean i enjoy the common favorites: south park, chappelle's show and  most stand up but this two have really stood out lately.

Anyways what your opinion? have this two meant something to you? or are there just a waste of your time?


  1. i agree, comedy central is great

  2. i h8 tosh.o D: he just takes jokes from the internet and puts them on tv -_-

  3. <3 Comedy Central

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  4. Im going to have to agree with you on this one. People seriously have a problem with Tosh but I think hes got a really funny show. And Ugly Americans is just rediculous haha

  5. Love Tosh's sense of humor, very close to my own.